Thursday, July 7, 2011

Latest Styling Events--Victory!

There's quite a few photos of the last few styling events I've been in, and two--yes, TWO--have finally resulted in my placing among the top three.  Once was incredible, and that was the Mermaid styling event yesterday.  Today was the Meow theme, and I actually placed third.  It feels pretty incredible to have one's own designs rank in the top three.  And I was terrified at the Mermaid event, well and truly terrified.  Very nearly up and left about three minutes before I was called.  But the support of my classmates and fellow models gave me the courage I needed.  After all, if they have faith in me, and Anrol and the CWS staff had faith enough to see me graduate, then I can have a bit more faith in myself.  Here are the victory photos (and I promise there will be more pictures of the latest events--I'll dedicate a post to them!).

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