Thursday, July 7, 2011

Latest Styling Events--Victory!

There's quite a few photos of the last few styling events I've been in, and two--yes, TWO--have finally resulted in my placing among the top three.  Once was incredible, and that was the Mermaid styling event yesterday.  Today was the Meow theme, and I actually placed third.  It feels pretty incredible to have one's own designs rank in the top three.  And I was terrified at the Mermaid event, well and truly terrified.  Very nearly up and left about three minutes before I was called.  But the support of my classmates and fellow models gave me the courage I needed.  After all, if they have faith in me, and Anrol and the CWS staff had faith enough to see me graduate, then I can have a bit more faith in myself.  Here are the victory photos (and I promise there will be more pictures of the latest events--I'll dedicate a post to them!).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Finals experience

While I neither could nor should write about specifics that happened during the exam, I will say this.  Ladies, practice all your formations, no matter how obscure!  It is so easy to fall into the trap of choking up with stage fright, and this was perhaps my biggest error.  Other than that, have fun out there, I have faith that all of you are going to do just fine!

Relaxing after exams--ahhh, this is the life!  Have fun and stay loose out there--that's modeling!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Independence Day and Midterms

Classes have gone by so much faster than I thought they would.  It was really intense there for a while, but we're in the home stretch now.  Even though I participated in what would be my last styling event as a student (electing to show a little patriotic pride in "Independence Day" style), I plan to continue taking part as they are a wonderful creative challenge and source of inspiration.  Here are a few shots from the camera of yours truly from the event!

 Yes, I'm the showgirl--one of my most fun outfits to date!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ponytail styling event

I was amazed anew at the creativity and boldness of the outfits the other ladies came up with based on such a simple theme.  This time, less was not more.  I need to learn to venture out of my comfort zone now that the technical parts of the events seem to flow more smoothly for me.  Other than the rezzing issues that happened out on the runway (think the SL variant on the classic "finding yourself starkers in class" nightmare), this event was less nerve-wracking than any that have gone before.  They really aren't kidding when they say take part in as many styling events as you can--it really DOES help!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Styling Event--Snow White

Talk about great minds thinking alike!  Three of us had the same Evil Queen outfit, but each had such totally different takes on the same theme.  I loved it!  There was anything ranging from a Chinese prince, to Snow White with seven dwarves around her skirt, to three Evil Queens (of which I was one), one gorgeous neko Snow White, and even the apple itself (or herself).  The imagination each of the ladies uses in these contests continues to amaze me every single time I step out onto the runway!

Three evil queens, several Snow Whites, a Chinese prince and... the apple?